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By Akash

Do you know the very definition of cool is being calm without being fake.  This keeps in mind I have collected the best and unique Cool status that you can update it on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram.

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I’m everything you want but can’t have.

Be a Badass with a good ass.

B*tch, please! You are so fake even China denied they made you.

I was born to stand out.

B*tch, you are so fake you make Barbie look real.

Me? Weird? B*tch Please! I am a Limited Edition.

I’m your worst nightmare.

You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.

It´s not a tiara. I simply bedazzled my horns.

cool whatsapp status

I don’t need any part-time people in my life. Take me as I am, or watch me as I go.

Find me Where the Wild Things Are.

Blood type: matte black with a hint of gold.

If you don´t like me and still watch everything I do. Bitch, You´re a fan.

The question isn´t – who is going to let me. It´s – who´s going to stop me?

Try not to think for a brief moment that I really mind what you need to say.

You look like something I drew with my left hand.

Bitch please, you’ve more issues than vogue.

cool whatsapp status

Me, jealous of you? Bless your delusional heart.

I love sarcasm. It’s like punching people in the face. But with words.

I would rather die on my feet than life on my knees.

Losing you was my biggest win.

I love the sound you make when you shut up.

Make peace with your broken piece.

Don’t be careful. You could hurt yourself.

Make me angry and I’ll register your death certificate.

Don’t stand too close to the heater babe. Plastic melts.

cool whatsapp status

It is totally wastage of my mascara to cry over guys like you.

Don’t test me. I have screenshots.

It’s hard to do epic stuff with basic people like you.

I’m just at a whole new ‘fuck it’ level.

Did you fall from heaven? Because so did Satan.

I’m cool. PS: You’re not.

Here is proof that my selfies are better than you.

You can’t do epic shit with basic people.

cool whatsapp status

You were my cup of tea, but I drink champagne now.

If I wanted to hear from an idiot, I would’ve watched Sarah Palin videos.

You can treat me like a joke but then I will leave you like its funny.

Let’s just say Darwin would not have written about evolution had he met you first.

I’m not always sarcastic — sometimes I’m sleeping.

I’m a scuba diver in a sea of idiots.

You are the puzzle piece to my Lego house. Basically, useless.

cool whatsapp status

Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.

I believe in karma very much but if karma does not hit you, I will.

Life isn’t perfect. But my Hair is!

You should always avoid being fooled by a kiss, or kissed by a fool.

Move-in silence and never let your enemies guess your next move.

Just sinners judging sinners for sinning differently.

Be a lady with a class, a girl with a mind, and a bitch with an attitude.

Sometimes I feel like giving up, but then I remember that there are lots of bastards for proving wrong.

cool whatsapp status

Saving my efforts on trying to get a perfect eye-liner.

I am like 10 people packed into one body. Spin the wheel, motherf*ckers!

What are you twelve? Yeah, on a scale of one to ten bitch.

Be careful outside. It’s raining shady bitches everywhere.

Always hit ‘Ignore Call’ with my middle finger.

Smile at the b*tch who brings you down. Laugh at the jackass who screws you over. Point your middle finger at the idiots who didn´t know you any better.

Always keep your head high, and your middle finger higher.

cool whatsapp status

Don’t show me your attitude, my middle finger is very strong.

Is your trashcan jealous of the garbage that comes out of your mouth?

Catch flights, not feelings.

Bro, you have an entire life to be stupid. Take a day off.

I don’t hate you. I’m just not necessarily excited about your existence.

I was feeling dumb, but then I thought I am at least smarter than you.

Life is better when you’re laughing.

Do not mess with a girl of short height. 5 feet 2 inches but attitude 6 feet 1.

cool whatsapp status

I don’t hate you. I’m just not necessarily excited about your existence.

Karma’s just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She says she’ll be with you shortly.

Focus on your goals. These men only want to waste your damn time.

Is ‘UGH’ an emotion? Because I feel it.

I use sass like an overly excited kid who uses confetti.

Me every day: Slay, Me in December: Sleigh.

cool whatsapp status

I´m having one of those days where my middle finger is answering all your questions.

I wasn´t born with enough middle fingers to let you know what I think.

Thank you for making me realize that the purpose of my middle finger is to use it when words are not enough.

Aww… My middle finger likes you!

I love the ones who are in my life and make it amazing. I also love the ones who left my life and made it fantastic.

In the beginning, you’ll judge me, by the end, you’ll love me.

I’ve had enough of trying to prove myself to people. Now I don’t care about what people think as long as I’m happy with myself! ????

If someone tells you that you are ugly.. well, just be nice and say.. excuse me… I’m NOT YOUR MIRROR.

Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.

If attitude kills…. I am the weapon of mass destruction…..

The Man With BeArD will never Look Weird

cool whatsapp status

My style is like Amazon.. everyone says Aur dikhao aur dikhao ♡♡

Always remember, You are bigger than your problems…….

Learn to say NO and live a tension free life!

Dear girls, keep your heels and standards always high…!!

My choices are like fingerprints, they make me unique..

I don’t have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude and that is not my problem.

If you spend your whole life giving explanations to people you will end up having no time left to justify it !!

I do not have enough middle fingers or coffee for this Monday morning.

Got my middle finger up – I don’t really give a f*ck.

Be a game-changer, the world is full of copy cats….

My phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.

Drop top. All I do is eat non stop.

I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.

Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude.

cool whatsapp status

Attitude is like underwear – don’t show it just wear it.

Status Unavailable! Check Later.

If you hate me – Log on to

Don’t play with me! Because I know I can play better than you.

Try spelling ‘handso’ without ME.

My door is always open to you, so feel free to leave.

I don’t come with dice. So don’t play me.

Don’t ask me for my opinion if you can’t handle the truth. I’m not going to lie to make you feel better.

If you dislike me, remember it’s mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don’t matter!

I do not mind the crazy people, it’s the normal one that freaks me out!

I keep ego and attitude always in my pockets so that I can use it when my self-respect and sentiments are being tested by people.

Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.

People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.-Mac Miller.

I don’t need anger management, I need people to STOP PISSING ME OFF.

Everyone is entitled to stupidity, but some abuse that privilege.

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

As beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside.

Wrapping Up – Cool Status For Whatsapp

Here are some of the best and unique being cool status for Whatsapp that you can update right away.

If you think this list is incomplete, you can comment down below with your favorite being cool quote – I’ll definitely add it to this list.

Be a coolest guy in the room…????

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