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There is no turnkey solution to living a healthier life. Our bodies, our environments, our families vary in ways that make us the unique people we are. The stories in this book are from moms, dads, and kids who have realized these differences, embraced them, and used them to create healthy lifestyles that work for their families.

This collection of stories compiled by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is available at no or low cost in physical and digital form.

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Live Better, Live Well

We Can All Have an Impact on Childhood Health

This book discusses the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States. Approximately one in three young people in the country are overweight or obese, and this trend is driven by factors such as the convenience of fast food, the perceived high cost of healthier options, and a lack of access to resources that can help children and their families live healthier lives.


Childhood obesity is a drain on the country’s healthcare system, costing $61 billion annually to treat related ailments. To combat this epidemic, a multi-pronged approach is needed that involves industry leaders, educators, parents, doctors, and children. The focus should be on systemic changes that address all factors and environments affecting a child’s life.


The author believes that the goal of reducing childhood obesity can be achieved by 2015 by empowering kids nationwide to make healthy lifestyle choices.