5 Must Read Books To Understand Human Psychology

These Human psychology books would completely change the way you see and behave in this world.

Kelly Marshall

I love reading human psychology books, the more I know about psychology and human behavior, the better I captivate what authors researchers, and professors spent years putting together to help us understand the inner workings of our minds.

Before discussing human psychology you first need to know why it’s important to know human psychology and human behavior. Knowing human psychology will help you at three levels in your life.

  • Personal life
  • Professional life
  • Social Life

Human Psychology Books That Everyone Should Read

Although not all books purely focus on the science behind human psychology some are self-improvement books that teach how human behavior works and how we can improve upon it. A lot of amazing books have been written on human behavior or the human mind that disclose many of its secrets and hacks to trick your mind for better living. And we’ve rounded up exactly the same books that will help you understand human psychology.

5. Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence book

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This visionary book by Daniel Goleman could be a life-changing book for you as it teaches a roadmap of practical steps for living better, both within ourselves and with those around us, and understanding the human condition, this is a must-read book before you turn 30.

He easily explains why we developed certain emotions such as anger, joy, stress, and fear during the course of evolution. Then he indepthly illustrates the limbic system (emotional center in the brain) which is very insightful. However, you might consider skipping this part if you’re not into scientific explanations. The second part of the book is my favorite and most practical as the author introduces five major skills related to emotional intelligence

4. The 48 Laws of Power

 48 laws of power

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The 48 Laws of power is a book that will make you aware of the way the world is, not as we want it to be but as it is. I found this book very captivating, I used to read one chapter minimum every day until I finished the book, and when I finished I felt selfish towards my means.

This book is not evil at all but some goals in your life only obtainable when you get selfish to achieve them. Reading this book is tough sorta like tough love and controversial at some point but if you allow yourself the chance to be open, you’ll find this book phenomenal. Many well-known authors refer to The 48 Laws of Power as an example of the best book on gaining power and understanding human behavior.

3. Deep Work

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Another book that may seem like self-improvement but really isn’t. Most self-help books pretence poor advice and wishful thinking as a track to self-progress but not in the case of this masterpiece, Deep Work is more a common sense book than a self-help book If I say. The author says in this book that there are two kinds of work we do, one is Deep work and the other is shallow work – Deep work is infrequent and hard. Shallow work is easy and omnipresent.

Also, Deep Work is veritably readable and amusing. It’s a joy to read and has a plenitude of intriguing tales and case studies to make the book inflow impeccably, whilst conducting the necessary wisdom.

2. Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

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This is one of my favorite marketing books I ever read in a long time, but it’s not something that can only be enjoyed by marketers. In this revealing book, you will be introduced to the six constituents designed specifically to make ideas viscid. This quote from Mark Twain is included in the book’s description caught an attention

“A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.”

The authors give clarification as to why these ideas can stay with us for so long. I feel like we all discover ourselves asking a resemblant question at times — how did commodity catch on so snappily while a superior volition faded down? Diving deeper, this book aims to address the 6 ways certain ideas just stay with us while others slip down.

1. Man’s Search For Meaning

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This book is probably the most unique of all of the books on this list and one of my all-time favorite psychology books. I’m a big addict of Viktor E. Frankl’s work, the author of this book. There are some audacious claims in this book that maybe honesty is but a choice between the advantage of cheating and our psychological motivation.

The book is principally divided into three sessions, the first one describes the way the Jews prisoners were treated in the Nazi Camps and how their life was. In the alternate part, the writer set out the basics of Logotherapy, a way of treatment of Psychotherapeutic Cases. And eventually, in the third part, he described what he actually meant by Man’s Hunt for meaning.

Wrapping up: Best Human Psychology Books

This best human psychology books list was compiled based on a large range — from social psychology, persuasion to understanding one’s mind. Well if you’re still confused to what to choose, I would personally recommend reading “The 48 Laws of Power”.

Do you have any suggestions on Human Psychology Books that could fit into this book list? if yes then comment down your favorite book.

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